by Revolution Bummer

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Chris Sanders - Vocals
Daniel Pierce - Drums
Vincent Flores - Bass / Back Vocals
Dani Goot - Guitars


released November 23, 2016

Recorded / Mixed / Mastered by Jack Shirley on November 14 and 15 at Atomic Garden, Palo Alto, California. These songs were recorded live to 2" tape.



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Revolution Bummer San Francisco, California

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Track Name: We'll Rest in Death
it's hard to make a living
when all we do is work

toil, drudge, grind, pain
perform, produce, struggle, sweat

our finite time is wasted on them

rest, break, calm, idle
leisure, sleep, peace, quiet

we work our lives away
we'll rest in death one day

bills to pay
automatically built
into our right to exist
Track Name: Know They Can
FUCK the cops
FUCK the klan
birds of a feather
walking hand in hand

they beat and kill us
to let us know they can
to subjugate us
and break our will

slave patrols
their job is fear
extracting capital
for the ruling class

police reform
is not an answer

disarm, defund, dismantle
Track Name: Shoot Back
pacifism is a tool of oppression
they pacify us while they increase aggression

the revolution can't be won
if the ruling class controls the guns
the revolution won't be won
until we arm up and learn to shoot back

countering violence with non-violence
is a sucker's game
giving them control
offers us no gains
Track Name: I Stay
the more people I'm around
the more alone I feel
small talk is my enemy
nothing feels more fake

most comfortable at home alone
alone I stay

won't look you in the eyes
I don't want to engage
not here to network
or make new contacts
Track Name: Greatest Weapon
now's the time
for immediate action
the haunting specter
of fascist reaction
has shown it's ugly face
and revealed itself to be
am immediate threat
silence in the name of a fascism
makes you an accomplice
to a criminal regime

organize, mobilize, self defense
work together, side by side, to be safe
solidarity is our greatest weapon
against the ruling class's fascist state
Track Name: Struggling to Resist
I stand with standing rock
native struggle resist a pipeline
water protectors in peaceful protest
face state repression

national guard with their
pepper spray, LRAD, flash grenades

fighting and surviving colonization
struggle to resist imminent damage
their land and their water
being threatened and swallowed up by corporate greed
Track Name: Off of Our Streets
I remember the day
you tried to march in my city
to spread your vicious hate
around white supremacy
under the guise of free speech
to spread your message
but your guns and knives
betrayed your true intentions

you hid behind cops
to sneak on the west steps
but we saw and attacked
antifa prepared to bash back
you stabbed some comrades
but still got your asses beat
we met you with violence
ran you fucks right off of our streets

triple digit heat that day
we had our boots on and masked up
no platform for fascists
will ever be given
your attempts at intimidation
keeps us driven
Track Name: Permanent Darkness
slaughter, dispatch, cull,
harvest, finish, put to sleep
euthanize, terminate, obliterate
pass on, depart, deep six

living in a culture of death
shrouds us in permanent darkness